Recover Router Username and Password

We all often forgot about the username and password of different applications. Accessing those back is quite a difficult process along with various complications. In case if you have lost your router’s username and password access, we are here with the two different easiest solutions. Just have a glance:

Solution 1: Make use of default username and password options

Most of the times we prefer to work on the default username and settings options in case if you also haven’t changed your router’s username and password, here is the step by step process to access the default option:

  • The IP address, username, and password of every router are being placed on the sticker being stuck to its bottom side.
  • You can also check your router’s username and password from the router’s manual
  • If both of the above options nullified for your situations, you can also check out the Default Router Passwords List to check out yours. The default username and passwords here are being mentioned usually along with the IP address and the router’s brand and models. You can easily select the one as per your device’s preferences.

Windstream Router Login

Solution 2: Router Resetting

In case if you already have changed your password, you need to reset your router settings before proceeding further with the process. Just set the router reset to factory settings and once done, make use of default username and password options to get access to the management access of your router. If necessary you can also take the help of the Default Router Password List to check out the default username and password options.

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