Best Steps – How To Bridge Two Wireless Routers? Complete Guide 2020

Are you looking forward to upgrading your existing ethernet network to a wireless network? Are you willing to create a successful subnet for your small business purpose?

how to bridge two wireless routers

If you are going to answer YES for these questions, the only thing that can help you out in the same would be bridging or connection of routers. Creating bridge router is the best way to upgrade the reach of your existing WiFi signals without bothering the previous ones. The entire process is quite effective and ensures users to get more powerful signals than previous. The entire process is also quite impactful especially when you are looking forward to how to bridge a router or for connecting some more devices into your internet. The only thing you have to do here is to bridge or connect a separate router to the pre-existing one and for enabling that you surely need to have an ethernet connection or your device should be connected to a working WiFi connection.

How to use a router as a bridge?

If you are going forward to connect two routers wirelessly the very first thing you needed to get ensured that is an active internet connection. Once you have ensured that, just follow on the step by step procedure given below to make it easy happening.

  • Connect your PC with a router and ensure that it is working on an Ethernet cable connection.
  • Make sure to plug in the cables into LAN ports only.
  • You will be provided with a list of various instructions over there for bridging two wireless routers. Just follow on the instructions being provided there in the router manual and then make a secure login to the router’s configuration application. If you are finding the login process hard, here is the step by step process for you:
  • Go to the router configuration application and then enter the IP address of your router into the provided space.
  • Once done, next enter the username and password for your router.
  • The main configuration page of the router will open up on your home screen.
  • Assort the provided links into the page and that will further help you in customizing the working of the router.
  • On the completion of the above process successfully, locate the page that will further allow you to set up the IP address of your router.
  • Go to the settings option of your router and then search for the DHCP and DNS servers there.
  • Disable DHCP and DNS servers to go further with the process.
  • On the completion of all the processes given above, disable all of the access controls.
  • Use the firewall of the router as a bridge. One thing that we would like to remind here is that only the main router will serve as the bridge here.
  • Go to the Port Forwarding option of your router and then remove all of the entries being provided there. It will help you in making the access over the specified ports only and will also improve the internet quality.
  • Now, tap on the Save button to save all the settings you recently have made in.
  • Don’t forget to reboot your router to ensure all the changes you recently have done into effect.
  • Once done, your router will be able to work on a wirelessly bridge two routers for your network now.

How to connect two wireless routers?

Bridge 2 routers wirelessly is one of the utmost things one needed to have to connect two wireless routers successfully. Wireless bridging is the concept that helps you in connecting two wired networks over a secure WiFi network. It is the best way to create some mindblowing inter-network connections without bothering the other ones over there.

Wireless router bridge mode is being categorized into three different sections depending upon the kind of network they are creating.

WiFi to WiFi: This kind of wireless bridging is usually being created over two WiFi routers. This kind of wireless bridging is quite important to increase the network coverage of your router.

WiFi to Ethernet: If you are looking forward to connecting a WiFi-enabled client to an internet network, this wireless bridging is the best to perform.

Bluetooth to WiFi: As the name explains, this kind of wireless bridging usually happens when you have to connect some Bluetooth gadgets or interface to a home WiFi network.

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Wireless bridging between two wireless Routers

Bridge two routers is just like the real term bridging where you have to connect two wireless routers to improve your network quality. Before starting up with the bridging process make sure that you are having:

  • Wireless bridging compatible devices
  • High-quality router with bridging features
  • Once you have ensured about your prerequisites, just move with the detailed procedure given below:
  • Place your routers to be bridged near the PC so that you can get easy and quick access over them.
  • Startup with your primary router and make sure that it is having the strongest antennas and the best firmware installed.
  • Now, plug the primary router into the modem.
  • Connect your computer system to your primary router using ethernet.
  • Go through the configuration process very carefully and once done, note down things like router’s IP address, DHCP range, and subnet mask very carefully somewhere.
  • Disconnect your router once you have done it with its configuration settings.
  • Now connect your secondary router with ethernet to get started with its configuration process.
  • Open up the configuration page of your router to go further with the process.
  • Make a secure login to your secondary router.
  • Once done, the Internet tab or Wireless setup page will be loaded up on your home screen.
  • Go to the setup page of your router and then go to the Network mode tab.
  • Now go to the “Wireless Mode” or “Connection Type” menu being provided there,
  • Select the “Bridge Mode” or “Repeater Mode”.
  • In case if you are using DD=WRT, then you have to select “Repeater bridge”.
  • Now, move ahead with the primary router again and then enter an IP address within its range.
  • Ensure that the subnet mask you are working here should be the same as that of the primary router.
  • Once done with the entire process successfully, now enter an SSID (Service Set Identifier) for your router that will further help you out in connecting with the other router successfully.
  • Label up the primary router as “Hall” and the second one as “Lobby”.
  • Set up a password to your router and make sure that the security type being involved here would be of WPA2.
  • Now, configure the secondary router and place it anywhere you want. Make sure that you are placing it at a position that it can repeat your primary router’s signals again and quickly.

Helpful Video To Bridge Two Wireless Routers