Xfinity/Comcast Router Login IP Address

While working on various routers, you might have seen sometimes, but do you exactly know what is it and why is being mentioned over there along with routers. Just like computers, routers also own IP address that distinguishes them from the others. The terms being used here or is the routers IP address.

Now the question arises what is the need to have routers an IP address? Well, it is being used for accessing the router management interface very smoothly. Routers are actually highly sensitive products that are usually being secured using WiFi passwords. Each router has settings option which one can only access by making a secure login to their router management interface. Moreover, you can also use this router management interface for changing your passwords; tighten up the security of your network and troubleshooting network problems.

How to login into Comcast Router?

If you have all set to login into Comcast router, the only things you have to do are:

  • Make a secure connection of your computer system with the router using a working cable connection. If required you can also set up a wireless connection using the router’s name as well.
  • Once you have done all with it, now open up your web browser and then add in the address bar of your device. is actually the router’s name that is being used for making a secure login over this address.
  • Once done, now enter the secure username and password of the router to make a secure login to the admin panel.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, you will be automatically directed to the configuration page of your router where you can easily edit and manage the network and router’s settings as per your preferences.

Router Username & Password List

ADC Kentroxn/a Secret
Adtran n/a n/a
AirLink+ admin admin
Aiway 0 n/a
Allied Telesyn root n/a
Allied Telesyn Manager Friend
Allnet admin admin
Ambit192.168.100.1admin password
Ambitroot n/a
Amitech adminadmin
Apple n/an/a
Arescomn/a atc123
Arescom192.168.1.1 dsladminn/a
Ascendadmin ascend
Ascend n/a ascend
Asmack admin epicrouter
ASUS adminadmin
Avaya root rootroot root
Bausch Datacom admin epicrouter
Bay NetworksUser n/a
Bay NetworksManagen/a
Bay NetworksManager Manager
Belkin n/a n/a
Belkin admin n/a
Benq Admin admin
Bintec admin bintec
Boson n/a n/a
Broadlogicadmin admin
Cable & WirelessAdmin1234

Can’t connect to

If you have done with the above login process very carefully, but are still failing to connect your PC with the router the chances are really higher than you would have added up the wrong IP address. Read out the IP address digits very carefully and then add into the mentioned column. Moreover, the problem may also arise due to the reason of the forgotten password. if it is so, try to recall it and if not possible change it immediately. Sometimes lose connections may also lead to the problem of login failure. Make sure that you have established all the connections very carefully and are working properly.

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